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About us

We can offer both telecom services and prepaid calls. When you call one of our contractors on the high taxed number, the price is NOK 26, – per minute from the second you get a response. Please call our customer service on phone 21 00 61 38 (normal tax) if you want more information or simply have a nice conversation.

Spådommen.com has shortly become one of the largest in the field of sale of coach services and other alternative services. Our vision is not to have the most contractors on our lines, but to offer the best services available in the branch – and not least to have the most satisfied customers.

We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service, and help you get in touch with the right life guide for you. Our contractors are both hand-picked and severely tested by our critical test panel before they are allowed to offer their services through our lines, and of course, they have a hundred percent of confidentiality. Spådommen offers both visa and ordinary telecommunications.

All our contractors have signed a Confidentiality Statement so our customers can always feel safe in a conversation with one of our life coaches.

For ethical reasons, our contractors are not allowed to give advice concerning disease or death, and you must be 18 years to be able to use our services.

Our customer service is your safety.

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